Missionary Groups

Missionary Leader: Joyce Johnson


Parent Body

The Missionary Body is an organized Auxiliary of Mayfield Memorial with the responsibility of learning and teaching
how to win the lost of Christ.

The Parent Body of Mayfield Memorial Missionary Baptist Church has been characterized as:

  • A mind through which Christ thinks.
  • A mind through which Christ loves.
  • A mind through which Christ speaks.
  • A mind through which Christ helps.

Missionary Group #1

Missionary 1 mission is to reach out to the community. They donated school supplies and clothes to the Battered Women’s & Children shelter, and are currently making pillow case dresses for their mission partners that will be sent to Haiti.

Missionary Group #2

Brenda Burris – Chair

Missionary Group #2 is presently working with The Unique Caring Network providing extra support to staff members during activities planned for consumers throughout the year.  Picnics, cookouts, balls, festivals, etc., are planned for their consumers that allow them to participate in events catered to them and their special needs while giving them a safe, loving and supportive environment.  Missionary Group #2 also helps financially with other programs offered by Unique Caring, such as its’ High School Diploma and Respite Programs.  Unique also provides; Foster Care, Day & Home Supports, and Personal Care Services for individuals diagnosed with an Intellectual Developmental Disability or Illness, and/or a Substance Abuse condition.

Missionary Group #3

Missionary #3 provides assistance with donations such as clothing, pampers,  and other needed items to organizations such as the Women’s Shelter, Nursing Homes, Crisis and Goodwill. They also send sympathy cards to the bereaved, and visit the sick and shut-in.

Missionary Group #4

Information TBD

Missionary Group #5

Missionary #5 reaches out to the Women and Children of the Salvation Army Shelter “Center of Hope” and they prepare meals while sharing words of encouragement to lift their spirits, and let hem know that there is still hope in Christ Jesus no matter how bleak things may seem.