Evangelism Ministry

The objectives of the Evangelism Ministry are:
  • To carry creatively the message of Jesus outside the walls of the church
  • To enable every disciple and member (especially children and Youth) to be connected to and involved in the work of      reaching others with the message of Christ.
  • To create pathways of entry into the Ministry of Mayfield
  • To magnify the Ministry of Mayfield in the wider community
  • To increase excellence in doing all of the above

Leadership Team:

What We Do…



Facebook Management

We are the primary managers of Mayfield’s Facebook presence. We are responsible for creating basic posts, creating events and boosting our church’s reach via this amazing online tool. We are also responsible for streaming and posting from our own personal Facebook accounts to maximize the reach our church can have.

Senior Seminar Flyer


Promotional Materials Creation

There are still some in this world who are not as connected online. So, we are also responsible for creating hard-copy materials to distribute to the community about our events and ministry opportunities. 





Television and Radio Connection

Our team is in contact with our local TV news outlets and radio stations (both sacred and secular) to keep the community aware of our events and ministry opportunities.



Planning and Executing Large Community Outreach Projects