Sheepfold Ministry


The Sheepfold Ministry is designed to foster and perfect the process of Member Integration into the family of Mayfield Memorial. We are responsible for ensuring that New Members become familiar with the workings and Ministries of Mayfiel and creating a welcoming atmosphere for New Members including the facilitating of each New Member completing the New Member Class.


The Sheepfold Ministry is responsible for:

  • Greeting visitors and assisting with completing a visitor card.
  • Introducing visitors prior to the official welcome from a Mayfield Deacon.
  • Creating a welcoming environment for visitors and new members.
  • Assisting with the process of integrating new members into the Mayfield Family.
  • Hosting a reception for new members with the purpose of welcoming them to the Fellowship and ensuring that they become familiar with the ministries of Mayfield.
  • Serving as a mentor to new members during the first year of membership.


Ministry Contact:

Joyce Gresham