No matter what your gifts may be… there is a work the Lord has for your life. Be confident! Walk in that purpose and come work for the Kingdom of God with us here at Mayfield!
There are so many ministries to work with. You don’t have to be a member of our fellowship to work and let your life be a testament to the Glory and Majesty of God in this world. Join us!
Adult Singles Ministry
Armourbearers Ministry
Benevolence Ministry
Boy Scout Troop #53
Every Ready Hospitality Ministry
Girl Scout Troop #293
Human Resources Ministry
Marriage Enrichment Ministry
Missionary Group #1
Missionary Group #2
Missionary Group #3
Missionary Group #4
Missionary Group #5
New Members Course
Scholarship and Education Ministry
Sheepfold Ministry
Sunday School
Transportation Ministry
Ushers Ministry
Worship and Fine Arts Ministry
Worship Through Movement Ministry
Women of Worship
Xtra Years of Zest Ministry
Youth Missionaries
Youth Ministry