Adult Musical Choir

The Adult Musical Choir is the senior ensemble of the church which specializes in providing an intentionally diverse musical repertoire. Their specialties include traditional gospel, anthems, spirituals, and other classical forms of religious Christian music.





(Lifting Our Voices Ensemble, Young Adult Choir)

The Young Adult Choir is the newest of Mayfield’s singing ensembles and is designed to give adults ages 17-40 an outlet for presenting traditional, contemporary and urban contemporary music.  It was founded by Rev. Cedric Meekins in 2008.

Men’s Chorus

The Male Chorus is the only all-male ensemble whose genres of music include traditional gospel, spirituals and occasionally, quartet compositions. The Male Chorus is the only Inter-generational musical ensemble.


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Meter Hymn Choir

The Meter Hymn Choir is Mayfield’s version of such traditional choirs as predominant in North and South Carolina.  The choir specializes in meter hymns (both long an short) and work to preserve this historical African American idiom.

PM Wherry Women’s Chorus

The Peter M. Wherry Women’s Chorus established on Women’s Day 2014.