The Book of Revelation – Unraveling the Mystery
The Book of Revelation is one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible. Let’s talk about what you THINK is in the book, and what’s REALLY there.
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Handouts are posted 30 mins before the class.

1st Term Jan 10 – Mar 7
2nd Term Mar 21 – Jun 20
3rd Term Sep 5 – Oct 24
4th Term Nov 7 – Dec 19
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1/10  Wk1-The Two Ages
1/17  Wk2-What Does Revelation                         Say About Christ?
1/24 Wk3-The Churches and Their                       Angels
1/31 Wk4-The Seven Churches
2/7 Wk5-Six Christian Slanders
2/14 Wk6-Notes-Pergamum
2/21 Wk7-Thyatira- The Church in Idolatry
3/7 Wk8- The Anatomy of Sin
3/21 Wk9-Don’t Lose Your Place
3/28 Wk10-RECAP: The Letters to the 7 Churches
4/4 Wk11-Opening the Seven-Sealed Scroll
4/12 Wk 12-The Scroll and the Lamb
4/29 Wk 13-The First 6 Seals Opened
5/9 Wk14- The 7th Seal and the Trumpets
5/16 Wk15- The 7th Seal and the Trumpets (cont’d)
6/13 Wk17- The Extreme Revelation
6/20 Wk18- The Woman and the Dragon
9/5 Wk 20 The Beast from the Sea Rev 13:1-18
9/12 Wk 21 The Three Angels and the Harvest of the Earth
9/26 No Class
10/3 Wk 22 The Three Angels and the Harvest of the Earth
10/10 Wk-23 the Victors of Christ and the Seven bowls of the wrth of God
10/17  Wk 24 The Victors of Christ
10/24 Wk 25 The Fall of Rome
11/7 Wk 26 the Doom of Rome
11/14 Wk 27 The Te Deum of the Angels
11/28 Wk 28 The 1000 ?year Reign of Christ and the Saints